A Very Marigold Birthday

The last few weeks haven’t included much more than two hour stints of sleep, eating and sitting topless on the couch.  Oh, and clogging my friends news feeds with pictures of my children.  I’m kinda tied to Alice and the couch for the most part, so for entertainment I take pictures of my kids, post them on Instagram and share them on Facebook.  At least until the weather is a bit nicer.

Oh GOD I never wanted to be a mommy blogger–I just wanted to write about my life, but I guess my life right now is mostly about being a mummy. Gone are the days of passing out on a toilet in the basement bathroom of a bar on Queen from too much to drink and waking to write about it the next morning.

And here I am, again, to tell you more about my child-centered life.  Among the night feedings and diaper changes, I had been preparing feverishly whenever I found a few minutes, for Marigold’s third birthday.  I really wanted it to be very special for her, so I asked her what she wanted.  Decorations of orange and green, she said.  A small vanilla cake, she said.  Katie’s mummy, she said.  All of these things were a surprise to me–she doesn’t have favourite colours as far as I know, and I didn’t think she knew the difference between chocolate and vanilla.  And we haven’t seen Susie (Katie’s mummy) since last summer I think.  But these were the things she wanted.  And I wanted to make it happen.

We had a small party with her nearest and dearest.  She helped me bake her cake and I worked my butt off whenever my boobs were free.  And here are the results:  a very special party for my special little girl.

Waiting for the guests to arrive and the party to start

Waiting for the guests to arrive and the party to start

Handmade Paper Birthday PennantsHandmade Paper Birthday PennantsHandmade Paper Birthday Pennants

Handmade Paper Birthday Pennants

Several days of cutting and stringing together for the party pennants

Even the dolls decorated!

Even the dolls decorated!

Orange and Green Party Table

Orange and Green Party Table

Handmade cake and paper cake toppers

Handmade cake and paper cake toppers

She’s growing up, and while part of me wishes she would stay 3 forever (because she’s just so goddamned cute), I’m excited to see what kind of person she grows into.


Hungry Hungry Hippos is a great gift for a 3 year old and her pals

Hungry Hungry Hippos is a great gift for a 3 year old and her pals

Mummy & Marigold

Mummy & Marigold


10 responses

  1. Ooo, I love the orange and green decorations! They’re so springy and fun! And I’m jealous of that cake. I’m freaking starving right now and a piece of birthday cake would really hit the spot.

    1. The cake was mediocre. I used a doctored box recipe that calls for sour cream, and like a gluttony idiot, I used premium (read: fatty) sour cream which I think was a little overkill.

  2. I think it’s fantastic!! You’ve done a great job and I’m sure Marigold is delighted.

    1. Yeah–it was pretty great and Marigold was very excited. Until it was time to do the cake, and she busted out into tears and had a total meltdown.

  3. Looks like so much fun – wish Grandpa and I could have been there. Three is such a great age. XX

    1. We wish you could’ve been here too, Nola. When Kyla asked her who sent (your) present, she said Nola! LOL!

  4. janet mcwaters | Reply

    Wonderful party, great pics, superb colors Marigold has such taste ❤ Many Happy returns Marigold. xo

    1. Thanks Aunt Janet–her taste matches her name I think!

  5. We had such a great time. Thanks for including us. Annabel enjoyed herself thoroughly.

    1. Annabel is pretty cute. I hope she likes her little party loot. It was nice to see her (and the J-man) today. And you too, however brief.


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