It sounds thin.

So Sunday was like a super bonus day.  It was so beautiful–warm and sunny and breezy.  It. was. great.

We got up and did the usual morning stuff, then we went to Sneaky Dee’s for brunch!  Marigold has never been to Sneaky Dee’s before, and I don’t care what anyone says.  I fucking love the brunch there.

I’ll have a grilled cheese.

We sat in one of the back booths on the right hand side, which is like my favourite place to sit.  Then I started thinking about the first time I had brunch there, And then I started thinking about what Toronto was like when I first moved here and all the things I felt.  I really do love Toronto.  In fact, just this morning I was sitting on the street car riding along Queen looking up at all the 3 floors of all the old buildings  The faded signs, the graffiti.  The shops and the restaurants and even the grimy Queen and Bathurst.  And I absolutely love the feelings I have about Toronto.

Recently a friend asked me if I would ever move back to Niagara… St. Catharines to be specific.  And actually I think she may have even slightly implied that I would be moving back there someday.  The thought has never even crossed my mind.  Not even when I retire.  I can’t imagine living anywhere other than right here.

I am terrified, though, that this house will get sold and I will have to move again.  It’s such a terrible thing.  I do love this apartment.

Ugh–today I just felt so wretched.  Slowly though, as I think about the things that I love, I’m beginning to cheer up.  My little rascal-face is sleeping upstairs, and so is her dad.  I can hear the cat snoring from here, just slightly louder than The Breeders.

The more time that I spending loving things (people, places, times, things), the happier I am.  I have not spent a considerable amount of time loving in the last couple of days, and I feel like that MUST have played a significant role in my foul mood earlier.

I love Martin
I love Marigold
I love my apartment
I love my cat
I love my blog
I love my commute to work
I love my friends
I love the city
I love my street
I love my boss
I love my coworkers
I love streetcars
I love the Paper Place
I love that poster of Trinity Bellwoods that you can see/get at the Type bookstore
I love Andrew McCarthy, circa 1986
I love the Smiths
I love my perfume
I love friendships
I love walking
I love makeup
I love my hair
I love my skin
I love pyrex
I LOVE MUSIC. I almost forgot that too!

Anyways, how can anyone feel bad after so much love?

Literally this song just came on at random.  Have a listen while you check out the pictures.


Some of my stuff

Our place is really starting to come together, and well, fall apart at every turn.  I’m not even sure how Marigold manages to undo every effort to keep the house tidy in a matter of seconds.  It’s possible that this is the way it is for anyone who has birthed and thus housed a toddler.  But whatever, even this pukey peach colour in our bedroom is starting to grow on me.

It’s been a while since I had a nice bedroom.  It’s also been a while since I had a winter coat.  You’ll have to wait for pictures of that.  It needs to be broken in a bit.  But it is spectacular! AND it will be ridiculously warm for this winter.

Yesterday, I bought some stuff. And got some stuff as a present for my birthday. On the left is a casserole/butter dish, pyrex in the butterprint pattern which I collect. In the middle is another pyrex dish, that is pink, of which I have no matching pieces or anything in my kitchen that even goes with it.

And then today!  I found these Chatelaine Magazines from 1964, 1966 and 1967.  It’s weird because the articles are still somewhat relevant, and the prepared foods–(ie cut up hot dogs on an hamburger bun topped with a kraft cheese slice)\, not pictured) seem so much worse than what I would ever eat myself.  I had a chance to flip through them tonight and just look through.  I’ll go back and read the articles when I have more time.