Many Happy Returns

I got some great rewards this week….I feel great about this Moana account. I really feel like they’re strongly prepared for this go live. I think this is one of the most robust implementations yet. I’m also ecstatic about the fact that we were able to surpass the expectation of an existing customer. I worked really hard this week and it was absolutely worth it. And at the end of it all, on top of those amazing feelings of accomplishment, I come home to this absolutely amazing gem of a life.

10 years ago I never would’ve ever have thought like this, but I feel like I’m a living magnet of awesome. I have the pleasure of having really awesome energy surround me, I get to meet awesome people all the time, and my friends are outlandishly awesome, I have a super awesome job with really really awesome customers, I love what I do, I like my boss, who is also awesome, I love all my coworkers and think they are amazingly awesome, I have the BEST cats who are also awesome, I have an awesome apartment in an awesome location, I get to eat awesome food, I get to sleep in an awesome bed with awesome sheets and share my life with the absolute, hands down most rock n’ roll, super cool, ridiculously handsome, hilarious and attentive and awesome partner anyone could ever have.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, that things DO get paid forward. Thank you Universe. Nothing is easy and you have to work really hard to reap the rewards this life has to offer. I’ve found the things I love, and I’m just going to do more of them. Awesome.


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