Oh, Toronto! I love you!

Some memories from the last 7 years.  Photos taken by me, or people that I know.
Tippy, Velma and a Jedi, Hallowe’en 2006
Some friendlies at the Garrison, Parkdale Vigoda’s album release
Streets of the Dale
Celebrating together, posed by Parker.
Saturday High Tea
Potato Chips, Sour Cream, Katrin, my Kindred, and my Zee.
Now, where’s my smokes.
Too cool for school in Parkdale
Emily Weedon Wednesday @ the Cameron back in 2007
Delay’s birthday at the Cock and Tail
The Dakotah
Me and Shark Week at the Bovine.
Butter Turkey Thanksgiving, photo by Marilee
My love on Grace
My favourite place in Toronto, outside of Parkdale


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