Oh, Toronto! I love you!

Some memories from the last 7 years.  Photos taken by me, or people that I know.
Tippy, Velma and a Jedi, Hallowe’en 2006
Some friendlies at the Garrison, Parkdale Vigoda’s album release
Streets of the Dale
Celebrating together, posed by Parker.
Saturday High Tea
Potato Chips, Sour Cream, Katrin, my Kindred, and my Zee.
Now, where’s my smokes.
Too cool for school in Parkdale
Emily Weedon Wednesday @ the Cameron back in 2007
Delay’s birthday at the Cock and Tail
The Dakotah
Me and Shark Week at the Bovine.
Butter Turkey Thanksgiving, photo by Marilee
My love on Grace
My favourite place in Toronto, outside of Parkdale

Mostly Marigolds

This last year has passed by faster than I could’ve ever imagined.  She walks now.  She talks now.  She has opinions now.  She needs to express herself now.  Holy crap, she is 2 years old!
Each day that passes, I don’t think it’s possible to love her anymore than I already do, and then tomorrow comes, and my love is even stronger.  I am still amazed that I have been blessed by this universe with such a beautiful child, and I get to keep her.  Marigold is indeed very, very special.  She is mine, all mine.
If you had asked me about having children as little as 5 years ago, I would’ve laughed in your face at the thought. And now…I couldn’t imagine my life any other way.  
Happy Birthday, my little Miss Marigold.  You are a true treasure and you bring me so much joy.  
Learning to walk on her first birthday
Mother’s Day

Marigold’s first leaf pile

Working hard at her new easel

My mummy cuts my hair!!
Family Day Snuggles with Daddy

Fires, Love and Dishes Done

I met Christine Delay in 2005 at a housewarming party for her and some other people I didn’t know at the time (Gord).  In time, I came to know her and her “delayservision” well at 106 and beyond.  And though she’d likely deny it, she has grown to become one of the most influential people in my life.  There isn’t enough space on the entirety of internet to describe it all, but I can tell you, she was by my side as I explored the new world around me.  She was there as I began to discover who I really and truly was during a pretty siginficant era.  Christine Delay has helped me to reflect on where I’ve come from, enabled me to live and enjoy life freely, supported me in my dreams, and has created ridiculous amounts of laughter in my life.  We are musically and cosmically connected, and when I’m with her, I feel like I’m on fucking steroids.  She was, and is, the Lungsy, to my Ballsy. 

A few nights ago I asked Delay this:

I write this blog, not sure if you’ve read it. Thought you might be interested in doing a guest post about something I would want to remember. It would be subject to me as an editor and likely writing a preface…. 

The purpose of my blog is so that I don’t forget any of it, and I would love one day to remember a piece of my life through your eyes.”

And this is what she wrote:

Endings — by Christine Delay

I seem to be swimming in them lately. Years ago, our beginning was born from an epic one at that. You ask me what I remember of that time, those places, these people we still know who have grown their limbs in subtle ways. I can tell you that I am still sitting by that window in that grungy apartment on Robert Street, having dinner for the first time speaking in excited spurts, like comic book bubbles bursting with idealistic hope. I can tell you that my hope was spotty at best but my idealism big and true, strong like a submarine. I remember my surprise when weeks later we were neighbours and together we muddled through, in the prime of our lives, and anxious to see what was up ahead just beyond the scope of our reach. I remember mistakes, but they are not so important unless we see them for the bricks they really were. I remember loud, reckless weekends followed by sullen Sundays spent aimlessly roaming the streets in packs, just happy to have each other. And then Mondays.

Chain smoking. We did a lot of that. Fires, and love, dishes done together, children and then adults, near misses, long shots… and now babies and jobs. I don’t remember crossing that bridge. 

Mostly I don’t know what I remember from those days. As I sit and rummage through the snippets of fractured memory made blurry by time’s passage, I hear the buzz of many conversations, and feel the anticipation of the night’s beginning. Yet it is done and I am done with it, for there is not enough room in the past for me. But let me say this. I remember you, and I miss you. I remember you, and I do… I miss you. 

That time, just like a river. It is a beast, this creature that breathes and pulses full of currents of blood. Like the hair in the mane, mostly unaware that it is a part of something larger. 

I remember that it happened and I hope that it mattered. Mostly I remember that we were children then adults, near misses, long shots…. fires, love, and dishes done – together.

The Night We Met , totally money.

We didn’t have a clue what was in store for us.

Peattie’s Parkdale Top Five Today

Image Source :  chuckmanothercollection.blogspot.ca
I love living in Parkdale.  My heart is here–I’m sure I’ve mentioned if before.  There’s a million and one great things about my hood, and everyday I can think of something new that is my favourite.  My memory is not always the greatest, so I thought I’d start writing it down.  Here are the top five favourite things in Parkdale that I can think of right now. 

1)  The Workroom–I really really really want to learn to sew.  And to sew well enough to make my own clothes and house things.  I have a sewing machine and I know how it works, I even have a gift certificate to the Workroom to take a sewing class.  I just don’t have the time.  But I will do it.  I swear I will.

Image Credit http://www.makesomething.ca

Regardless of the sewing skills I may or may not have, I still love going into the Workroom.  It has such beautiful fabric. The most beautiful fabric I’ve ever seen, in fact!  They also have books and patterns and accessories and sundries, and a row of sewing machines where you can sew by the hour!  Lots of projects also lying around to appeal to anyone’s crafty side!  The offer a ton of classes, but the browsing is an amazing experience on its own–especially for a such a small shop.  I love the Workroom.  And I think you probably would too.

2)  Meher Steinberg and Parkdale Live–My good pal and chum, Meher, lives right up the street from me.  I go past his place at least twice a day, and when I think of him inside, it makes me smile.  I know that if there ever was some sort of coffee apocalypse, me and my little family could take refuge at his and find a sweet cup of stove top coffee waiting for us upon our arrival.  He’d surely also have some new music to show me, some new mix for me to listen to or some cut of a live video recording he’d recently done.  He might even have a few drops of the sweet gold jimi stowed up and away on a high shelf for just such an occasion.

The Parkdale Vigoda Himself

Aside from just being awesome, he hosts and produces this great show in his space featuring live musical acts that he records and mixes and later posts the videos online.  The best part is that the live recordings are actually really awesome–and I say this as someone who typically hates live recordings.  Check it out–it’s pretty great and if you’re interested in knowing more–drop me a comment below.  I can put you in touch the old Vigoda himself. Who doesn’t loves them some Steins, right?

You can check out this video of the band Heavy Generator performing on the show.

3)  The Oatmeal Pancakes at Mitzi’s the Sister–De. Lic. Ious. Seriously the very best pancake I’ve ever had in my entire life.  It’s crunchy and buttery and drenched in light maple syrup.  It’s got a caramelized crust in all the right places.  I’m not super crazy about the entire brunch, since a standard bacon/sausage and egg isn’t on the menu, but the “Huevos”  is great, and the frigging pancake is just too god damn much.  I dream of it and it’s little side of whipped cream all the time and I can almost taste it in my mouth RIGHT NOW!


4) The 501 Street Car–Anyone that takes the Queen Street Car complains about it.  It really is the worst.  But it’s also the absolute BEST!  It’s a double streetcar and you can board through any doors provided you have a pass or some other proof of payment.  If you’re lucky enough to get a window seat, or even a seat at all because it’s packed all the time, the scenery between Ronces and downtown are just stunning.  The people are total dicks, but its fine because at least they’re aware of their total dick status.  For the most part they move out of the way, scrunch themselves up in a corner until it’s their time to get off and they manage to still look pretty great while doing it.  It’s a fashionable and stylish brood that ride the Queen car, and I really do love being around good looking people.

TTC 501 Queen Late Night Drive By

It doesn’t stop at style–there’s eccentrics, and there’s drunks, there’s hipsters and just all walks of people and you never know what’s going to happen.  I think I’ve seen more chick fights than anything, but I haven’t actually been keeping an exact tally.  Meow.

I can hear the 501 when I lie in bed at night, I can hear it as I wake up in the morning, and I do believe I can hear it just now.  The 501 Queen feels like a semi-reliable old friend, you know?  Sometimes it flakes out on you, and it doesn’t come around often enough, but when it does you sure do have a good time and you get to where you need to go.  For the most part.

5)  Crown Flora Studio-This little shop opened up in January and I’d been meaning to go in the first time I had the chance.  I go by it every day and just hadn’t been by at a time where the doors were open and the lights were on.

Image credit to  crownflorastudio.blogspot.ca/

Finally last week, the shop must’ve been open late, and the timing worked out and I was able to pop in for a quick look around.  I started chatting with shop owner, Adam, and found in him a fellow Parkdale enthusiast.

The little shop sells handmade things by Adam and his partner, terrariums and handbags to be more specifc.  While it sounds like an unlikely combo, their wares are beautiful, the space is lovely and the spirit is kind.  It’s great to have friendlies in the neighbourhood and it’s great to know your neighbours.

My little chat with Adam really brightened up an otherwise bummer day.  It’s always great to see people who do what they love.  It’s really what I aspire to.

And that, my friends, is a list of the things I can think of right now that I love about Parkdale.  Don’t worry.  There will be more.

Late night Sparkle looking East on Queen
Queen Street looking west at the old parkdale hydro station?

Just another Saturday at King and Dufferin

Your turn:  Top five favourite things about your neighbourhood that you can think of right now…..add your comment below!

Remembering Stacks

I know I post the fuck out of this song.  But I don’t care.  I heard it again tonight when I had 5 minutes alone and I cried.

…he even fakes a toss

I had been thinking for a while now, about how I want to remember everything, the whole reason I write this blog.  And how, so very often a song comes on and it immediately transports me to another time and place.  A time and place that I truly lived.  I can honestly say that music, in whatever form, has been a driving force in my life.  I know most people could probably say that, but if you know me…like really really know me, you know this is true.  Truer for me than for most, you’d probably say.

It’s not often, however, that I can remember the first time I heard a song.

But this song, Re: Stacks by Bon Iver, and the moment I first heard it will stay with me until the day that I die.

I was probably just slightly overdue with Marigold at the time, and was living the ultimate wait and see routine–a classic life theme I’ve adopted from my favourite book, The Cider House Rules by John Irving.  I was just finishing up some housework and the upstairs of our then apartment was at it’s brightest point of the day.  You know how sometimes rooms have a time of the day where the outside light is just perfect and it makes you love your space in no way that furniture or design could ever do?  I have been fortunate to have this in almost all of my apartments in the city and I sincerely promise to never take that for granted.

the light at 195

It was that time of the day for 195 Grace Street.  It was that day where I thought I was truly ready for this life changing event that was about to occur.  I had been walking tons, drinking red raspberry leaf tea, and having what seemed like copious amounts of sex for a huge pregnant person (looking back it was probably just once or twice, it just seemed like a lot because I was massive AND exhausted) hoping to induce labour.  I was ready.  And then I heard this song.

It came on the radio.  I stopped, walked into the beautifully lit living space.  I sat down and I started to cry.    If I close my eyes and listen right now, I am overcome by the same feeling I had that day.  I can hear myself singing a little harmony on the chorus, as I’m want to do even when I’ve never heard the song before.  Somehow, in short six minutes, Justin Vernon of Bon Iver has me questioning everything I’ve ever done in my life, and my ability to do anything in the future.  And suddenly I know that things are never going to be the same.  Suddenly, Peattie herself is never going to be the same.  And it’s like suddenly I’m not ready, not ready for any of this.  And then suddenly it doesn’t matter.  This new addition to my life is going to share something with me that no other two people on earth are going to have, or ever even going to understand.

I’m not really sure what the song is about, and I might be disappointed one day to find out. And it doesn’t really matter because I love the words, the story, the strumming pattern, the melody, the chord progression, I love his voice.  But what I love the absolute most is the last line.  It is a promise, no, it is our promise.

I know there will be plenty of times in my life where I hear this song and it will have other powerful impressions to leave on my heart.  And as time goes on, Stacks will always be about reminding me of where I was, acknowledging where I am now, and dreaming about wherever I’ll be in the future.  But mostly how in all of this, I never want her to forget that her love will always be safe with me.

Saturday Tea

I got all setup to sit down and get a few things done.  I have been thinking through another post, and I had intended to write about music this afternoon.  I realized that it’s going to be a monster to take on, and I think I’m going to have to put more thought into it than I have at this point.

Anyways, I’ve spent the majority of the week doing things for other people.  Which, I guess, is the nature of my job and the nature of being a mother.  I’ve pretty much got the chips stacked against me in the whole “take time for yourself” game.  I’m not complaining…I love my life. And I’m really lucky that I have a partner who bears so much of the load around the house.  That, however, does not change the fact that I’m just never done..at work, or at home.

Today I wanted to set aside some time for me.  I have about 2 hours while (and if) Marigold naps on the weekend, which I usually use to get caught up on some housework.  Martin was headed out for the afternoon and I wanted to write and also prep a recipe for his birthday cake on Sunday, so the housework was going to wait.  I brewed some tea, tidied the office space (which is typically a disaster from the two McWaters’ with whom I share my abode) and sat down to find a chocolate cake recipe.  I had time enough to copy down the recipe, take a photo of my favourite tea pot, and jot down these few lines.

Marigold’s nap was cut short.  I heard her cry out for me a lot sooner than I’d expected.  There’s laundry, dishes, and a pre-birthday dinner to prepare.  But the hour I spent on myself this afternoon has priceless value for my life.  While it may sound silly, the time I spend doing the things I love enables me to tackle the challenges that arise in my day to day life.

Though not likely as gratifying for anyone else as it is for me…this, my friends, is the product of my Saturday Afternoon for me.  A lovely photo of a few of my favourite things.

Cat with Fish Purse Paint By Number
Crystal Creamer
My favourite vintage tea pot and matching sugar bowl
A Sally Ann special tea cup and saucer

2013 Project, Recipes and Plans Journal along with felt tipped pen
And of course, my favourite flower, white lillies.


Last year, at some point on or around the first of January, I filled up the tub, grabbed my old fabric covered goth style diary that hosts a bunch of stuff I’ve written since 1998.  I’m not an avid journalist who writes every day or anything, but I’ve always tried to keep a diary of sorts, however sporadic my writing might be.

As I lounged in the deliciously fragranced bath water**, I was surrounded by this hideous puke pink and blue barf vintage tile and I thought 2012 was going to kick some serious ass.  I made a fairly long and categorized list of “Things to Do: 2012”.  I tend to prefer a New Year’s list of things that I want to accomplish over resolutions, since that seems more tangible to me.  I think that I’m likely to do at least some of the things on the list and then find myself looking back at the end of the year and saying–“hey I did that!”.  Vaguely recalling some lifestyle change I resolved to make but failed miserably at doesn’t appeal to me.  Especially ones that require a monthly pre-authorized debit from my bank account.  I’d rather just live my life, thanks, and try to be awesome in as many ways as possible.  Just as a general rule.

Leading up to the New Year this year, I had a hard time really getting pumped about what I was going to do in 2013.  I wasn’t feeling inspired in the slightest.  I had been working pretty hard for the months preceding the holidays, and really I just needed a vacation away from really having thoughts.  At the time I was disappointed that I wasn’t feeling the vacay vibe, but looking back now, it was exactly the type of holiday I needed. I didn’t accomplish much around the house, but I spent a fuck load of time with Marigold and Martin, and that did my heart some serious good.  I cooked a lot, and I even had the pleasure of spending some time watching some fancy birds hang in my backyard tree (a cardinal, a blue jay AND a red-headed finch).  I barely even left the house, and I certainly wasn’t overcome with positive energy about 2013.

I realized shortly after the hoopla of New Year’s was over (read:  drunken shenanigans with Rico the party animal and a cookathon to make my annual brunch a reality) that my path to inspiration and zeal was uphill, with bursts of being overcome with enthusiasm that waned and waxed again over the course of a few days.  It  took me until today to get to the proper top of the “kick some ass” incline, but I’m here now.  And it’s fucking awesome.  I felt better today than I have in at least six weeks–maybe even six months.  It’s truly fucking awesome.  I’m back to kicking down doors, and I’m gonna work hard to keep it that way.

As I slowly moved towards getting pumped for the transition that typically awaits us at the turn of the calendar, I started mentally prepping my “Things to Do: 2013” and finally, I pulled out the old goth diary to re-read the list I put together last year.  I hadn’t looked at it since the day it was written, which is typically a pretty good indicator that the success factor on most items is going to be limited, if I managed to accomplish anything on the list at all.

Good news everyone!  The first thing I read, the last thing on the list and the only thing under the heading Career, is a lone line that says:

–Find a job downtown.

Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen, I hit a fucking home run right out of the park.  I feel like I basically nailed my 2012 “Things To Do” list, and even though this line item is preceded by a two page, four category laundry list of twenty-twelve goals, that were predominantly unchecked after reading through them, I don’t even care.  There’s obviously more to the job switch than geography but I won’t bore you with the details.  It totally worked out.  And that feels pretty fucking awesome. My motto for 2012 was “make it happen” and I sure fucking made it happen!

I got so much satisfaction out of accomplishing that one thing, that it was easy to put together a list for 2013.  It’s maybe not as extensive as 2012, but it’s a list of all the things I want to do, so I figure that’s about right.  I even put together a list for Things to Do:  This Week!.  And I’m happy to say that I’ve accomplished almost half of the things on that list so far, and I still have 2 days left!

Take that, To Do! list!

There ya have it.  Thanks, 2012, for letting me “Make it Happen”.  Welcome, 2013…not only am I going to live, I’m going to SHINE!

**(I have a ridiculous weakness for Lush bath products, as they give me super powers which allows me to pretty much accomplish anything in life, or at least they make me feel that way)

I’m attracted to you

Domino Magnets.  I made them.

I love magnets.  And paper. And crafts.  I believe there is real value in making things–it makes me feel good.  I seem to wage this non stop inner war that I have with the television–I’m attracted to it, as I think all humans are, but I really don’t think it adds much value to my life.  Instead of spending all of my waking life in front of a screen, computer, television, or otherwise, I want to make things.  Contribute something to this world…even if it is only magnets or some other random paper craft.

I typically get my paper from The Paper Place on Queen Street West in Toronto.  It is one of my favourite places on this earth.  They have such amazing papers, crafty accessories, stationary, and super cool gifts, and basically whenever I have time to myself and a few bucks to spend, I’m heading to the Paper Place.  Here’s just a brief glimpse of what’s inside!

Image taken from http://www.thepaperplace.ca

I love this store!  I can’t wait to bring Marigold in here, once she’s past the tornado/hurricane phase of her life.  She’d destroy this poor store if I let her loose now, so, I’ll probably wait till she’s at least 4.  Maybe 5.  If you’re in Toronto, and shopping on Queen, you have to head here.  It’s just across from the park (Trinity Bellwoods) and it neighbours another one of my favourite stores, Prevloved.  Speaking of Preloved, one day I’m going to learn to sew, and sew well.  And then I’m going to make myself a bunch of stuff like they have at Preloved.  It’s all so beautiful (and pricey), but there’s a serious lack of plus-sized items for sale, making it nearly impossible for me to buy anything other than scarfs or legwarmers or mittens.  That’s right, I just admitted to the entire internet that I am plus sized.

So here’s what I did Saturday night.  I got together my scrap paper file folder which looks a little something like…ok, exactly like this:

I really should get a better filing system

And some other supplies I had laying around:

Supplies needed:  Magnets, Dominoes, Scissors, Mod Podge, Paper Scraps, and Glue.  Also a paint brush, not pictured.
You can use anything you have laying around for the base of the magnet–I used dominoes because I thought it would be cool.  I basically found them in the garbage on the side of the road like 3 years ago.  I picked them up because I thought we might play sometime, but they’ve been sitting in the closet ever since.  The “dragon” dominoes are a bit of a pain in the ass because of, well, the dragon on one side.  The paper doesn’t lay 100% flat on the magnet, and while it doesn’t really matter to me, if you are a perfectionist it might drive you bananas.  It doesn’t look bad, it just looks imperfect and textured, which is kindof the look I’m going for.  Regardless, the whole situation can be remedied by using plain and smooth dominoes in the place of the dragon ones.

Any sort of decorative paper you want to use should work, provided it’s heavy enough stock and not see through.  I tried with tissue paper, and it looked mostly gross, but when I layered it on top of other card stock, it turned out fine.

And how did I do it, you ask?
  • Trace the domino onto the “wrong” side of the paper, and cut it out.  Trim it to make sure the edges don’t overlap
  • Paste the paper to the “dragon” side of the domino.  Make sure it’s straight.  Most types of glue will suffice.  Let it dry for about 5 minutes.
  • Affix the magnet to the “numeral side” of the domino.  I used strip magnet that comes in a roll, simply because I had it kicking around.  I actually don’t prefer it because it’s not that strong.  Also, I use crazy glue to adhere the magnet to the domino.  Magnets ALWAYS come away from whatever decoration they are attached to, so I’m partial to giving it half a chance by using the strongest glue ever.  I’ve tried hot glue before, but I find that the strength of the magnet is too powerful for shitty hot glue, so crazy glue or glue of the super variety are the best bet.  God, how many times can one person say glue.  Glue glue glue.
  • Coat the face of the magnet (the decorated side) with Mod Podge.  I did two coats, but depending on the result you want, you can do as many as you like.  I also imagine you could coat the whole frigging domino in the podge if you wanted, but I just didn’t for the sake of time.
This is not something I thought of on the spur of the moment–I’ve made several attempts at making awesome magnets at various points in my life.  I think this is the best magnet idea so far.  You might, however, be more partial to the design of the magnets I made as part of Smash’s holiday presents.  I sure am:
Shitty quality photo, but it looks good on my phone!

The Archie magnets are pretty much the best craft I have EVER done.  You can see a better photo on her blog here.  The round magnets are just paper cut in circles and glued to the back of decorative marbles.  This magnet “technique” typically tends to work best with faces or single small images. The strip magnet does NOT work for this…I use a small, higher powered round magnet for those.  

And that’s how I spent my Saturday night.

It sounds thin.

So Sunday was like a super bonus day.  It was so beautiful–warm and sunny and breezy.  It. was. great.

We got up and did the usual morning stuff, then we went to Sneaky Dee’s for brunch!  Marigold has never been to Sneaky Dee’s before, and I don’t care what anyone says.  I fucking love the brunch there.

I’ll have a grilled cheese.

We sat in one of the back booths on the right hand side, which is like my favourite place to sit.  Then I started thinking about the first time I had brunch there, And then I started thinking about what Toronto was like when I first moved here and all the things I felt.  I really do love Toronto.  In fact, just this morning I was sitting on the street car riding along Queen looking up at all the 3 floors of all the old buildings  The faded signs, the graffiti.  The shops and the restaurants and even the grimy Queen and Bathurst.  And I absolutely love the feelings I have about Toronto.

Recently a friend asked me if I would ever move back to Niagara… St. Catharines to be specific.  And actually I think she may have even slightly implied that I would be moving back there someday.  The thought has never even crossed my mind.  Not even when I retire.  I can’t imagine living anywhere other than right here.

I am terrified, though, that this house will get sold and I will have to move again.  It’s such a terrible thing.  I do love this apartment.

Ugh–today I just felt so wretched.  Slowly though, as I think about the things that I love, I’m beginning to cheer up.  My little rascal-face is sleeping upstairs, and so is her dad.  I can hear the cat snoring from here, just slightly louder than The Breeders.

The more time that I spending loving things (people, places, times, things), the happier I am.  I have not spent a considerable amount of time loving in the last couple of days, and I feel like that MUST have played a significant role in my foul mood earlier.

I love Martin
I love Marigold
I love my apartment
I love my cat
I love my blog
I love my commute to work
I love my friends
I love the city
I love my street
I love my boss
I love my coworkers
I love streetcars
I love the Paper Place
I love that poster of Trinity Bellwoods that you can see/get at the Type bookstore
I love Andrew McCarthy, circa 1986
I love the Smiths
I love my perfume
I love friendships
I love walking
I love makeup
I love my hair
I love my skin
I love pyrex
I LOVE MUSIC. I almost forgot that too!

Anyways, how can anyone feel bad after so much love?

Literally this song just came on at random.  Have a listen while you check out the pictures.


You Wanted a Hit.

If you want a hit, you’ve got to make it happen.
I fuck things up all the time. Like seriously, all. the. time.
Somehow I keep doing the exact opposite of what I want to do. There are things I want to be better at. 
Things that I want to improve. And for eff sakes, it takes a lot of fucking focus and determination.  Mostly it’s just shit that only I notice. The impact on others is minimal, I’m sure. Maybe it’s not. Who knows.
The bottom line is that I have a lot to do and I’m having a hard time staying on top of life. I don’t mean menial daily tasks–I washed the bathroom floor with baby wipes while Marigold was in the bath the other night. Wait, does that make me a bad mother?? Whatever, it was efficient.
I’m talking about personal improvements, quality of life goals. Making things better for other people. Having an impact. Living an extraordnary life. And doing it all in a way that makes sense for my little family.

I want a hit. And maybe just wanting it is enough? Because I still feel pretty good.

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I always wanted a window seat…

So I made my own.  For every second that I find myself falling in love with my home, I have ten seconds of anxiety–worrying that my landlord is going to sell the house and I am going to have to move again. It’s not incredibly likely, but you never know.

I am becoming increasingly benign to the colour on the walls. We moved the bed and I moved curtains. Still some odds and ends to do…especially in our bedroom. But, tonight, this made me very happy:



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And we’re around

We haven’t been up to much lately…

I went to the Magpie on Wednesday.  I was having a shitty day and I ran into Marilee on the street car and she invited me to celebrate her birthday with the cool kids.

^^Titled “Marilee was just Here”


^^ The cool kids
More cool kids She is lovely, and these pictures are really very dark. But I think it is obvious that this is the best time Ari has ever had in all of his life. We laughed so hard.  Like the hardest I have laughed in a really long time.

Oh! My apartment when Marigold is sleeping and the sun is seeping in the through the trees.  It looks quite nice, doesn’t it?  I know that portrait looks a bit weird over there, but I will surround it by other shining things that I bring back to my nest.  Maybe even this….

Cat with fish purse…on the list of current projects.

And, thanksgiving Sunday?

Who’s your daddy?                                                                             Wait. A. Minute. What’s that I see? 

YES!  Beard.

And there’s still tomorrow.  The fifth annual HKTM. It started long ago in Parkdale with a birthday present and a homemade pizza.  Growing from a single tube to a hutch, we celebrate simply one holiday, and we give thanks.  Between the strip club and the movie production company, we have a lot to be thankful for.  From HKM to HKTM we are grateful…..